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Sacred Dub Podcast: Transmission 055 Information and Tracklisting

Sacred Dub Podcast

Sacred Dub Podcast :: Transmission 055


Electro-drone-bottomdrop-phuck-noize. This mixes brings digital dread with blackened beats and razor sharp bassdrops undercut with a carpet of frayed ambience.

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01 Dream Abstraction
Vitalis Popoff
02 Handle With Care
Handle With Care
03 Screener
Mick Harris
Hednod Sessions
04 Doubleyou (Dubmix)
Ninetynine Remixes
05 Problems (Dat Little Thing Dub) (Son.Sine Mix)
Salmonella Dub
Dub Lounge
06 World of Strangers
Simulations 2.0
07 Lonely Soldier
Meat Beat Manifesto
Guns N Lovers [Single]
08 Gimme a Little Dub
Journeyman’s Annual
09 Killer Version
Twilight Circus
Dub Plates Volume Two
10 Black Lotus
Bill Laswell
SPENT: Beats To Bring You Back
11 Dreamlab (Telescopic Dub Mix)
Dub Trees
Nature Never Did Betray the Heart That Loved Her