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Sacred Dub Podcast: Transmission 034 Information and Tracklisting

Sacred Dub Podcast

Sacred Dub Podcast :: Transmission 034


This shadowy mix of scrapey dub step and darker downtempo pursues the artistry of DJ Spooky, Peter Kruder, DJ Pinch, Black Lung & Xingu Hill, Morcheeba, Jah Wobble and more. The beats are hard, the noise can be piercing, and the tracks are fresh.

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01 Spiders Web (End Theme)
Black Lung & Xingu Hill
The Andronechron Incident
02 War Dub
DJ Pinch & P Dutty
Tectonic Plates
03 Polyphony of One
DJ Spooky
Riddim Warfare
04 Communications from the Lab
Laurent Garnier
Megasoft Office 2000
05 Electric Blue
Shredders Dub
06 Complete Breath
Polmo Polpo
The Science of Breath
07 Cinque dita
Sciuoglie ‘e Cane
08 The Ledge Beyond the Edge
Dive Deep
09 Marakesh
Peter Kruder
Peace Orchestra
10 N1 Station
High Tone
Bass Temperature
11 Meeting the Shadow
12 Voice in the Wilderness
Jah Wobble
Alpha One Three