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Sacred Dub Podcast: Transmission 008 Information and Tracklisting

Sacred Dub Podcast

Sacred Dub Podcast :: Transmission 008


Starting with the emotionally draining synths of Namlook and Schulze, the mix moves into dark, unsettling grooves with Haujobb, Possession, Axiom Ambient and Weakener, finishing with the experimental soundscapes of Kamiyama/Laswell and Mum.

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01 Obscured by Klaus (Pt. 6)
Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze
The Dark Side of the Moog VII
02 Less (Photik Sonar Mix)
Less (CD Single)
03 Shadow Crossing
African Dub: Off World One
04 Invisible Cities
Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart
Without Judgement
05 50 Route
The Weakener
What Do You Know About It
06 Dharmapala
Bill Laswell & Axiom Ambient
Lost in the Translation
07 Parrot Fashions
Hoppy Kamiyama & Bill Laswell
A Navel City / No One Is There
08 k/half noise
finally we are no one