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Sacred Dub Podcast: Transmission 001 Information and Tracklisting

Sacred Dub Podcast

Sacred Dub Podcast :: Transmission 001


Laswell, Tabla Beat Science, Dub Trees, Pete Namlook and more.

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01 Black Dawn
Bill Laswell and Pete Namlook
02 Biotech
Tabla Beat Science
Tala Matrix
03 Annanas [G-Corporation Dub]
Suzuki in Dub
04 Cyclops
Bill Laswell
Points of Order
05 Land of Look Behind
Bill Laswell
Sacred System: Book of Exit (Dub Chamber 4)
06 Nemesis (Bumpy Bosh Mix)
Children of Dub
Dubnology 2: Lost in Bass
07 Buffalo (Utterly Incredible Too Long Ago Sometimes Mix)
Dub Trees
Nature Never Did Betray the Heart That Loved Her