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Sacred Dub: All About Jazz Review of Gigi's "Gold and Wax"


Posted on Wednesday September 13, 2006 by Kevin

All About Jazz Review of Gigi's "Gold and Wax"

All About Jazz has written an article on the growing popularity of African-inspired pop music in the northern hemisphere. Of specific interest is Gigi’s recent record Gold & Wax, produced by her husband Bill Laswell. They cite Laswell as an influence on the whole scene, and give the record an overall positive review:

There’s no way to know where each of Gigi’s eighteen named collaborators actually perform. But in some sense that’s a totally irrelevant question, since the overall sound is quite consistent and the individual voices comprise a nearly orchestral whole.

They do question whether Gigi is starting to pigeon-hole herself with a somewhat similar discography (they actually use the term “Laswellized”), but I feel the question pales in comparison to the sheer quality of music the couple releases.

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