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Liner Notes

Bass [Electric]: Bill Laswell
Compiled By [Assembled]: Peter Hardt
Drums, Melodica: Charles Hayward

Executive Producer: John Zorn
Executive Producer [Associate]: Kazunori Sugiyama
Guitar [Electric]: Fred Frith
Mastered By: Scott Hull (2)
Mastered By [Pre-mastering]: Myles Boisen
Producer: Fred Frith
Recorded By, Mixed By [Live]: Oz Fritz

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Brutal Calling Re-Release 01 Mass Graves 5.55 02 Tunnel 110 7.18 03 Not Tomorrow or Never 6.28 04 Decapitation Strike 6.28 05 Lockdown on Bridges and Tunnels 5.39 06 110 6.10

Liner Notes

recorded at Died And Went To Hell and Orange Music, west orange, nj
mix translation by bill laswell at orange music
engineer : robert musso
assistant : james dellatacoma
produced by submerged and bill laswell
mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studio, NYC
assistant : alex theoret
Coordination: Robert Soares
Art + Design: john brown @ cloud chamber
KARLRECORDS would like to thank: Roland, Stefan / Broken Silence,
Carola, Harry, Stefan / Colour Haze

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Zurich 01 Transmutation 1:04 02 Flame War 3:34 03 Transmutation 2 3:14 04 Buckethead Audio Virus 2:11 05 Theatre Of Eternal Turntables (In 3 Parts) 5:19 06 Transmutation 3 – Fresh Impression 3:45 07 Telematic Circuit Break (In 2 Parts) 4:38 08 Low Bass Monster 5:01 09 Ekstasis 4:00 10 Flicker 1:27 11 Compressed Signal Cuts 7:14 12 Transmutation 4 2:41 13 Cut-Chaos 2:50 14 Giant Robot 4:18 15 Direct Hit 2:32 16 Transmutation 5 (Ascent) 5:27 17 Undercurrent 5:59

Liner Notes

Recorded live in Zurich, Switzerland, Jazznojazz Festival on June 21, 1996
Undercurrent recorded live at the Knitting Factory, NYC on June 30, 2000
Compiled and produced by Bill Laswell
Engineer: Robert Musso
Assistant: James Dellatacoma
Live engineering: Oz Fritz
Cover Art: James Koehnline
Redesign: John Brown @ Cloud Chamber
Innerhythmic: Steven Saporta
NYC: Steve Dalmer
UK: Ian Blackaby
Germany: Robert Soares
Boston: L & M Urso
Invasion: Peter Casperson
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studios, NYC

Second: Alex Theoret
Buckethead: guitar
Brain: drums
Bill Laswell: bass
DXT: turntables, keyboards
Invisbl Skratch Piklz (DJs Q-Bert, Mixmaster Mike, Shortkut, Disk: turntables)

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Roots Tonic Meets Bill Laswell 01 Road To Axun 5:34 02 Concrete Sunrise 5:23 03 Akademicus Du Umbeigu 5:10 04 JD3 6:35 05 Employees Must Wash Your Hands 6:10 06 Instrument Of The Trinity 6:29 07 Healing Of The Nations 5:48 08 Clean Escape (The Crew Is Here) 6:09

Liner Notes

Recorded at Orange Music Sound Studio, West Orange, New Jersey
Engineer: Robert Musso
Assistant: James Dellatacoma
Produced and mixed by Bill Laswell
Artwork & Design: John Brown at Cloud Chamber
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studio, NYC

Josh Werner: bass, keyboards
Aaron Dugan: guitars, sounds
Jonah David: drums, percussion

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Gold & Wax 01 Semena-Worck 6:28 02 Anten 5:46 03 Jerusalem 8:56 04 Salam 5:42 05 Gomelaleye
Written By: Buckethead 7:45 06 Ambasale 7:20 07 Hulu-Dane 4:50 08 Utopia 4:51 09 Acha 5:02 10 Marena-Wotetea 5:25 11 Enoralenu 3:55

Liner Notes

Recorded at Orange Music Sound Studio, West Orange, New Jersey
Additional recording at Kebena Studio, SPringfield, Virginia
Engineered at Orange Music by Robert Musso
Assistant: James Dellatacoma
Engineer at Kebena: Abegasu Shiota
Produced by Bill Laswell
Additional Production by Abegasu Shiota
Executive Producer: Chris Blackwell
Artwork, Design, Photos: Petulia Mattioli
Post-Production: Diego Corsi
Cloud Chamber: John Brown
East End Management: Tony Dimitriades
Material Unlimited, France: Michael Lemesre
Invasion: Steven Saporta
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studio, NYC
Second: Alex Theoret
Horns arranged by Abegasu Shiota
Material Strings arranged and conducted by Karl Berger

Gigi: vocals
Abegasu Shiota: electric piano, organ, synthesizer
Bernie Worrell: electric piano, organ, synthesizer
Nils Petter Molvaer: trumpet, electronics
Moges Habte: tenor saxophone
Assaye Habte: kirar, masinko
Buckethead: electric guitar
Bill Laswell: bass, guitar, synthesizer
electronic percussion
Robert Musso: acoustic guitar
Ustad Sultan Khan: sarangi, vocals
Karsh Kale: drums, tabla, electronic percussion
MIDIval Punditz: beat/sound constructionl
Serath “Skiz” Fernando: beat/sound construction
Foday Musa Suso: doussonnguni
Lili Haydn: violin
Aiyb Dieng: chatan, jembe, congas, bells
DXT: third stage Pro-Tools Navigator
Tigist Shibabaw: vocals
Teddy Shibabaw: vocals

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